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Create Webz Design Group has been developed to assist businesses with creating a web presence. 


Our Mission:

We specialize in helping small and new businesses and organizations.

Whether you are a small sole-proprietorship, a nonprofit organization or a large corporation, it is essential to have a presence on the internet. If you are looking to develop a new site, or redesign an existing site we, we can help! It is our goal to create custom web sites that reflect the missions and qualities of your organization. 


What Create Webz Design Group can do for you...


Complete for the client, the purchase of a domain name (based on availability). We help determine what is available and propose alternatives, if necessary.


Assist in the purchase of an organization's web host site.


Set-up and maintain all file transfers of a client's current web documents.


Create E-mails and/or complete redirects as needed.


Provide monthly maintenance of a web site. This includes up to 2 hours per month in web updates.


Educate members of an organization on how to independently maintain a web site.


Creation Services provided:

Internet web Site Development (up to 10 hours, additional hours may be negotiated):


Maintenance of Site:


Additional Services:

Domain Name Registration

Web Site Hosting

Search Engine Submital


We can also offer to set up the following to increase the efficiency of your site:

Shopping Carts

Order Forms

Password Secure Sections

Thumbnail Photos

Graphic work including Flash.

We would like to develop or redesign a custom web site for your organization. 

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Need to develop an e-book?  We can help!!

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www.aloespot.com (not active)

www.taxexemptstartup.com (not active)

www.maidtoassist.com (not active)

www.indydonate.com  (not active)











Prices are subject to change. All web pages create by Create Webz Design Group are the sole property of Create Webz Design Group and are non-transferable unless negotiated otherwise. Create Webz Design Group requires payment of 1/2 of the total amount of contracted work prior to initiation of any web design.



Contact Information:

Electronic mail
General Information: info@createwebz.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: webmaster@createwebz.com



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